Carousel Confectionery Product Range

We manufacture an huge range of premium confectionery. We’re constantly innovating, extending on existing ranges, as well as still producing many of the popular candies of bygone times.

In recent years Carousel has pivoted into Contract Manufacturing. Drop us an email or give us a call to have a chat with one of our industry experts (we might be able to help!).

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Nougat Range

Made with the finest New Zealand Milk Powder, this ‘whipped up’ sweet treat is now manufactured with a variety of other premium inclusions.


Contract Manufacturing

As a proud New Zealand Manufacturer, we love to share our expertise and industry knowledge with other leading brands

Compressed Tablets

Fizzies and Aniseed
20mm buttons ~ Available in 2kg bags.
Mag Wheels ~ a whopping 50mm size ~ Available in 2kg bags

Jersey Caramels

Creamy Caramels made with New Zealand Milk Powder.
Available in: 2kg bags for trade.

Wrapped Sweets

With 7 flavours we’re sure to have something you will enjoy!

Specialty Sweets

Old style Raspberry and Licorice, Coconut Ice and Licorice Allsorts in the Specialty range.

Spaceman - Original Candy Sticks

This great traditional kiwi icon has been enjoyed by many generations of New Zealanders.
Original flavoured sticks in ideal 16g serving size cartons.

Fruit And Tangy Sticks

Carousel Fruit Sticks are another traditional favourite sweet.
Tangy Sticks are a zingy twist on the traditional Fruit Sticks.


Melt-in-the-mouth rich and creamy fudge.
Available in Russian, Chocolate, Irish Crème and on special occasions, Rum and Raisin.
5kg Bulk cartons for trade customers