Wrapped Sweets

With more than 7 flavours we’re sure to have something you will enjoy. Our traditional Spearmint Whirls, Banana Freckles, Orange Choc Whirls (we got told off for calling them Jaffa Whirls) & Bright Eyes have been around for more than 40 years. In 1988 we released our popular Tangy Apple Chews and we have since added to the range with Tangy Grape, Tangy Raspberry, Tangy Lemon, Crazy Cola, Tangy Passionfruit & Mint Chews.

If you enjoy something a little more chocolaty then try one of our hand crafted Caramel Choc Eclairs, or for licorice lovers, try our Liquorice Toffees which are custom manufactured for New Generation Liquorice.

On special occasions we also manufacture small runs of Mint Caramels and Hard Caramels.

Twist Wrap Chews - Big Bag

1.25kg bag assortment of your favourites.

Maxi Mix

2.2 kg bag assortment of your favourite chews.

Liquorice Toffees

Available in 2kg bags.

Twist Wrap - Caramel Choc Eclairs

Available in 1kg bags.

Twist Wrap Tangy Chews

Apple and Grape are available as individual flavours in 2kg bags

Juicy Chews

Juicy Chews are ‘Easy to Eat’ wrapped sweets which are full of lasting fruit flavour.
Pineapple, Strawberry, Peach, Apple & Orange. Available in 2kg bags

Assorted Toffees

Spearmint Whirls, Banana Freckles, Orange Choc Whirls & Bright Eyes
2kg bag assortment of your favourite toffees.