Fruit And Tangy Sticks

Fruit Sticks: Enjoyed by young and old for over 50 years, Carousel Fruit Sticks are another traditional favourite sweet. Our four main flavours are banana, orange, pineapple and raspberry. Hold onto them at one end and nibble away at the other or just suck on them to savour the flavour – it’s up to you.

Tangy Sticks: Tangy Sticks are a zingy twist on the traditional Fruit Sticks. They have a real tang which is enjoyed by the younger generation and the more adventuress adult. Try if you dare and you’ll get a tangy shot of Grape, Apple, Peach, Lemon or Strawberry.

Assorted Fruit Sticks

Packed in 6kg bulk for our trade customers and red displays for counter retail in shops.
Assorted flavours: Banana, Orange, Pineapple & Raspberry.

Tangy Fruit Sticks

Packed in 2kg bulk bags for our trade customers
Assorted Tangy Flavours - Grape, Apple, Peach, Lemon and Strawberry.