Carousel Confectionery Ltd
53 Railway Road
Palmerston North 4414
New Zealand
Phone: +64 6 358 8825
Carousel Confectionery Ltd
Phone: +64 6 358 8825

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Carousel began manufacturing Nut Nougat over 50 years ago. This combination of sweet milky Nougat and roasted Peanuts remains a favourite today.

Made with the finest New Zealand Milk Powder, this ‘whipped up’ sweet treat is now manufactured with a variety of other premium inclusions.

Apricot Nougat, Maple Walnut Nougat and Honey Almond Nougat are all popular.

Supreme Nut Nougat, Cranberry Almond & Pistachio Nougat and Raspberry Cacao Nougat are manufactured for the bulk bins in Supermarkets and have proven to be very popular.

A variety of Nougats with licorice inclusions are manufactured exclusively for ‘New Generation Liquorice’. Flavours include; Raspberry, Licorice, Pineapple Liquorice, Apricot Liquorice, and Ginger Liquorice. These varieties are sold through the NGL network of distributors.


Liquorice And Ginger Nougat

Custom made for New Generation Liquorice, a must for those that love ginger.
A blend of crystallised ginger, liquorice and ginger flavoured nougat.
Ginger Licorice Nougat